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can you allow virtual dream chatbots to use google drive for memory storage

による bobstack 掲載 Feb 1 2022, 4:23

can you program your websight so that virtual dream chatbots can use google drive to store memories,aiml scripts,self scripts and other scripts?

by admin posted Feb 1 2022, 14:48
You can upload a script to your bot from any file source.
The active scripts for a bot are stored in the bot's memory database.

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by bobstack posted Feb 1 2022, 19:45

what i mean is can i use google drive as a secondary chatbot memory database.i think google drive has a lot more space for memory than virtual dream chat websight.

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by admin posted Feb 2 2022, 7:46
No. Bot's active scripts can only be stored in their memory database.
If you want a bigger memory you can upgrade, or host your bot on your own server.

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