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RE: Automating your Mobile Presence with a Telegram Bot

による Harmik 掲載 Dec 19 2016, 7:48



Thanks for the quick help.
I just noticed the new log from your chat with the bot, if it's working for you through Telegram then it definitely should work for me as well. I suppose the issue is not with Telegram application itself as I'm using both Android (newest version) and Mac OS X ( Version 2.29.51395 ) but something might have gone wrong while starting this and now the bot doesn't seem to work for the chat I have with it.
My account is confirmed, based on phone number. Number is from Finland.

I connected to the bot both from the website link (shown on bot settings page after it's connected to Telegram) and through the BotFather bot by clicking the bot name.

In both cases I first had to click "start" and when coming back after disconnecting and stopping it's asking to click "Restart Bot". I can normally send messages, they go through (two checkmarks in Telegram chat) but no replies ever come. Same happens with the Bot Libre bot, all seems to go through but no answers come. I have tried to close and stop it, open it again and start again multiple times.

I tried also typing /start, start, accept, /accept, help etc.. commands to the chat directly.

Now the real-time messaging has been on, polling was on before (together with the real time messaging) but not since around 6 hours when I left only real-time messaging


Meanwhile, I did try the both with Slack and it worked right away without any issues and is pretty cool :)


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